Miami Comedy Podcast 3-17-19

This week on the Miami Comedy Podcast, a vacation to Seattle is imminent.

You can now see all the new dates up until the end of April.

We've laid out all the groundwork to continue getting the word out to the folks who love to laugh in Miami.

If you have any recommendations on what to do in Seattle, send me an email:

Feedback and Suggestions

As we continue to grow the channel, I ask you send me something to work on as a basis.

Whether it be interviews, topics, or even the kind of comedians you'd like to see in Miami.

Two ways to do this, leave a comment below on this blog or up above on the Soundcloud player.

The way I'll plan future episodes is by piecing together all the feedback to give you a local podcast you can enjoy!

All Access Membership

If you don't know we have lots of comedy shows coming up.

And one of the best ways to get a hook up on all of our events is to sign up to our All-Access membership.

This plan allows you to get a complimentary drink in all of our events.

Starting at just $1 then $25/month this special membership will allow you to save up on the bar tab and soon will grant you access to some free or heavily discounted tickets to our future shows.

Comedy Calendar is currently on Beta

For a few months now, we have been hard at work in taking comedy to a national then global level.

Allowing you to laugh everyday is our objective. will show you where all the comedy shows are in your area.

Easy to use, and elegant in design, we are currently on BETA mode!

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Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.