The relationship between jazz and comedy

The Relationship Between Jazz and Comedy

If you enjoy the sound of Jazz; your brain may be wired to like the harmonious effects of creativity. Although, This effect works best when it is served up spontaneously. That is the nature in Jazz. However, there is an astonishing parallel between this effect and other particular art forms. Here is the Relationship between Jazz and Comedy:


Scenario #1

You head over to the performance area after getting your first drink to notice the musicians are already on their second. The pianist suddenly has a glimmer in his eye and starts overcoming the already swaying rhythm and begins leading it. Now the entire band is headed to a different direction for that one moment before seamlessly returning back to the rhythm.

Applause. The musicians just had an instrumental conversation, and everyone was in on it. Now it’s gone.

Scenario #2

Someone in the audience has had too much to drink and begins yelling at a comedian in the middle of his talented story-telling. The comic spontaneously interacts with the person and points out the graying hairs on his head looks like cowhide.

Laughter. The comedian had a conversation, and everyone was in on it. Now it’s gone.

These moments of unpredictability causes a spark in the performers creativity. Improvisation is communication. Whenever these instances happen live, it makes it much more lively, because there were witnesses to that fleeting moment.


Whenever anyone communicates, you are painting a picture for the listener. If the right moment is gone, there will be no canvas left for that concept because it is now considered disruptive.

Have you ever had someone try to tell you a joke while you are sitting in the backseat of a cop car? Pretty bad timing.

Same goes for a musician to play a slow jam when the audience is very energetic.

In live performances this is called “reading the crowd”, which takes a form of social intelligence. A performer is aware of the moment and says to themselves: “I know how to go along with this” or “this little number will turn this crowd around”.


Jazz musicians are able to have the skill of improvisation and timing when they master their instruments. It is how they can collaborate in their own way to the whole performance.

To have this same skill, comedians have to master their character or on stage persona’s. This skill highlights certain parts of their personality that engages in entertainment.


Most comedy and jazz performances dwell in the nighttime. This kind of setting is best because of it’s intimacy; and it is the proper drinking hour.

Unless you are at a Jazz brunch engagement, but these settings are more family oriented.

I can’t seem to picture a comedy show happening while you and your Nana are having some omelettes after church while someone is on stage talking about their sex life. – Maybe after a few mimosa’s.


When you see something real, you just know. These art forms have the good and bad. When you expose yourself to the good long enough; you gain an acquired taste.

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Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.