About us

“Discover the Miami Comedy Club HIDDEN in the city”

  • We feature some of the greatest venues in the city to host GREAT live Stand Up Comedy – Hence our Miami Comedy Club
  • BARGAINS! We find ways to have the venue offer some great deals for – you and your guests- during showtime
  • Providing you with ALTERNATIVE forms of live entertainment to overcome those same Miami nightlife options.
Every time you figure out something truthful, its either a controversy or pretty darn hilarious. We think Miami deserves more discovery. So discover the funny, and attend one of our shows — and see what we can do to give you a night of hilarious fun.
You can expect to see real, genuine comedy events because it is operated by REAL comedians. No middlemen, no media favoritism, just a direct connection with pure laughs and you.
Miami Comedy Club was made solely to offer the best of our ability to focus on connecting you with some great local and unique comedy shows.
Some of the venues we feature on our website are so original and diverse, that it creates an original Miami COMEDY CLUB feel on its own. Miami Comedy specializes to make sure the location also brings you special dine and drink options to make your nightout a great experience to attend with friends.
We also plan shows based on your needs. Whether you are a venue owner or looking to book a private party comedy show, contact us — and we will work on your budget.
Here is to DISCOVERING what comedy can do in Miami; we present to you MIAMI COMEDY .com