Plan Your Event With Us

Plan Your Event With Us

Nothing Brings A Group Of People Closer Together Than Laughter!

If you're looking to make the smiles spread across your family, friends, team members, employees or any group of people you care about - present them a comedy show.

Any event where attendees are laughing is already a success!

ANNOUNCING: We now conveniently offer you the choice of planning a live or virtual event.

We also have plenty of venues we can connect you to. So if you're looking for amenities such as:

  • Drink specials
  • Group discounts
  • Open Bar
  • Venue Buy Outs
  • Seating Reservations
  • Dining and Catering
  • Decorations and Themes

You've come to the right place! 

Redbar Party
Sweet Caroline Comedy Night

Events We Specialize In

Craftsman Comedy Night
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding Performances
  • Corporate Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday Parties
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvah's
  • Happy Hour Parties
  • Tour Groups
  • And much more...

Do You Have Comedy Preferences? Tell Us!

If you want fun we've got access to many comedy styles.

And if you have a special preference to share the fun with your party, tell us in advance and we will arrange it to your liking!

Whether you want:

  • Clean
  • Dirty
  • Roasting
  • Crowd work
  • Making fun of someone appropriately

Any comedy style is within our network!

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