Manny Garavito Miami Comedy Coach

Miami Comedy Coach

Learn How To Become A Naturally Funny Comedian That Can Make Anyone Laugh!

If you're the kind of person who has a calling to know how to make the best version of your inner comedian come out - then I invite you to contact me for 1-on-1 coaching.

My name is Manny Garavito and I've been a stand up comedian (and the business mind behind MiamiComedy.com) for over a decade.

My comedy success has been featured in the Amazon Prime Documentary Respect The Light.

If you know you have the gift to make people laugh, and would like to take control of your comedy career - I can save you years of mistakes and gas money!

With my coaching, you'll become an unstoppable comedian that has full control of where you take your comedy talents.

You won't have to worry about bombing, feeling shy, or worried about what others think!

You won't have to depend on others giving you stage time! You can get on my shows nightly or you can learn how to make your own shows!

My comedy coaching assists you in getting in touch with that courageous comedian who speaks their mind and makes people light up with laughter!

You will become one of the most original, authentic, and unique comedians in the market.

Because I'm not going to show you how to have a schtick or a gimmick! You are going to be a naturally funny, speaking funny, off the cuff comedian that your audience will never see coming.

My coaching practices shows you how to:

  • Be yourself on stage
  • Use your comedy style
  • Be likeable
  • I can teach you how to make your audience have fun with you
  • Make your audience pay attention to you
  • Magnetize your audience
  • Never feel humiliation when bombing
  • Find your comedy voice faster
  • Writing comedy on stage and online
  • How to have fun on stage and online
  • Creating comedy content online
  • Find your audience
  • Develop stage presence
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Have bookers return your emails and calls
  • Get paid as a comedian on your own
  • Learn how to be a virtual comedian

Stand up comedy also teaches you very powerful life lessons such as self-esteem, confidence, wit, charm, charisma and likability.

You will learn how to break the ice and have fun with anyone you meet - on stage, online and in person!

Many have a calling to get in touch with their inner comedian, but only few pick up!

Click the button below to fill out the form to get in touch with me and I'll contact you directly to discuss what your plans are in becoming a comedian.