l'epicerie in wynwood

International Comedy at L’Epicerie in Wynwood

    • A fun new event with comedian John Gregory at L’Epicerie in Wynwood
    • Taste of a traditional French bakery in your neighborhood, without having to book a flight
    • FREE – For an adventurous night out, showcases every third Thursday of the month
    • Located right next to the Lost and Found saloon

Wynwood being one of the most popular areas in Miami, now has a new venue for comedy hosted by local comedian John Gregory at L’Epicerie in Wynwood.

Amazing Bakery

This particular bakery has a nice ambiance as if it were from Europe, serving some of the pastry creations from France. We tried the wine, the craft beer and the macaroons. –C’est magnifique

l'epicerie in wynwood
Comedian David Del Rosario gesturing his Wine and dine is unfortunately over

John Gregory is white, and Connects with the Crowd

The host John Gregory, being a proud American, has no remorse to announce to an entire audience of mostly French descendants that he is from America. Then he pauses for any distressed reactions.

l'epicerie in wynwood
Comedian John Gregory addressing a mostly French crowd


The bakery is located on the major street in Wynwood, 36th Street and NW 2nd Ave, right next to the Lost and Found Saloon.

l'epicerie in wynwood
The old “lemme put flowers next to this tip jar” routine…

It’s All About Originality

If you are ever searching for an adventurous night out, and want to get a few laughs as well, look no further than the third Thursday of every single month where John Gregory presents some of the best working comedians in Miami to get your midweek comic relief.

l'epicerie in wynwood
Comedian Alex Morizio interrupting a would be romantic dinner

Take your dates and girlfriends and boyfriends or all three out to some of the best LOL experiences in the most exclusive locations right here in our neighborhood. Add some laughs, be sure to check out “L’epic Comedy Night”.

Even the French living in Miami agree.

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