Comedian Aida Rodriguez

5 Interview Questions with Comedian Aida Rodriguez

Comedian Aida Rodriguez stops by Miami Beach for Wednesday Night Live.  What is Wednesday Night Live? It is an exclusive and hilarious event where comedians from other cities stop by Miami to give us a tasting of what funny storytelling, crafty punchlines and intimate laughter is all about for one night. Happens only once a month at the Drinkhouse Fire and Ice Lounge. Get your tickets today!

5 Interview Questions with Comedian Aida Rodriguez

1. Being from a Puerto Rican descent and coming from Boston, do these locations add flair to being a comedian?

Growing up in Miami with a Puerto Rican mother and a Cuban father gave me all the flair I needed.​

2. Have you ever performed in Miami Beach before? What are your plans during your visit?

The closest to performing on South Beach for me was me doing a set at Wet Willy's after one too many Call a Cabs. I will be eating at every one of my favorite restaurants and gaining weight, those are my plans.​

3. How do you describe your comedy style on stage? What do you find to be your strongest characteristic?

My style of Comedy is considered raw, edgy and real. My greatest strength is being able to say what many people are thinking and feel they can't say.​

4. What is the worst thing that has happened to you as a performer? How did it make you better off?

I lost on Last Comic Standing on national television and some people killed me on Twitter. It made me a stronger comedian and my Twitter game has become deadly.​

5. What is your favorite joke, and from whom? Why do you find it funny?

Louis CK's joke about mothers never having a day off. It is so true that it is funny.

Aida Rodriguez performs at the Drinkhouse Fire and Ice in Miami Beach on February 22nd, 2017. Wednesday Night Live is hosted by comedian Kyle Grooms where he presents a tasting of what stand up comedy is like in LA, NYC, and ATL to name a few. Full bar available serving South Beach Style Cocktails, and an after-party at the infamous Ice Bar next door. Ticket packages are now on sale. Click below!

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