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5 Interview Questions with Comedian Forrest Shaw

In the early 2000's Forrest Shaw was developing his talent in the city of Miami. Regularly performing at John Martins in Coral Gables, hosting open mics at the Miami Improv, and starting a bi-weekly comedy night at Elwoods in Downtown. Most of his paid gigs came from the darkest outskirts of central Florida. 

Forrest Shaw's talent then became undeniable after winning Miami's Ultimate Comedian at the Magic City Casino. Winning $5,000, and getting his paid dues. Forrest moved to LA and started taking his craft to the next level, and is now one of the most revered comics that have ever come from our city after appearing on Conan, touring internationally with Jim Jeffries, and will soon film his next comedy special. In preparation for an upcoming comedy show in Coral Gables Thursday Night. Here is a 5 question interview with Forrest Shaw.


5 Question Interview with Comedian Forrest Shaw


1. What's it like to end up traveling all around featuring for Jim Jeffries, starring on Conan, and soon to feature in your one hour special after starting off in a city like Miami?

Its terrible. You probably thought I was going to say great, amazing, unbelievable, or the highlights of my career, but it's been a nightmare that I'd like to forget. thanks for starting the interview on a sour note. next question.

Forrest Shaw far away from Miami.

2. Do you feel The crowds of south Florida have taught something in the process of becoming a professionally working comedian?

I only played Creole speaking rooms in Little Haiti coming up as a young comic in South Florida so it was tough with the language barrier. What it really taught me was,don't underestimate the power of Voodoo.

3. What can you tell us what its like starting a comedy career from the ground up?

I didn't actually build my career. I bought it on EBay from a retired comic named Sparky Wham-O. Look him up. He holds the record for most t-shirts sold after a club/bar comedy show in a calendar year.

4. What are your favorite topics during a performance? Is there a method for you to draw out the material?

I try to stay positive. Mostly jokes about environmental collapse, pedophilia, rare incurable diseases, and airplane food.

5. What are the details to your upcoming comedy special?

I'll be recording an hour at The Electric Pickle on October 5. Tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets. Search 'Forrest Shaw'. Is free so come out!

Forrest Shaw


This Thursday, September 22nd 8p at Open Stage Club in Coral Gables

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