5 Interview Questions With Annie Lederman

5 Interview Questions with Annie Lederman

Our final blog post before the Wednesday Night Live event in South Beach is a very special one.

We we're finally able to get a brief interview with Annie Lederman!

On this interview you can get to know Annie and what her comedy style and influence before the show, (which will be a very exclusive appearance)‚Äč in Miami Beach TONIGHT.

She will be headlining the last Wednesday Night Live Comedy Show of 2016; inside the Drinkhouse Fire and Ice (1672 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139).

Be sure to reserve your tickets TODAY!

5 Interview Questions with Annie Lederman

1. Have you ever performed in Miami Beach before? What do you have planned during your visit to the Magic City?

I've never even been to Miami and I'm only gonna be there for the night so I won't even be able to go to the beach which is great cause I wont have to shave and I'll be able to get in a few episodes of Forensic Files reruns at the hotel.

2. As a comedian regularly performing in LA, do you feel Miami is a rare city to perform in? Why or why not?

I'm assuming LA and Miami will have completely different vibes but I'll have to wait to find out. I'd like to see which city has more spray tans.

3. How would you describe your comedy style on stage? What is your strongest characteristic?

My comedy is a mix of stories and my pov on things happening in the world. It gets dark sometimes and dirty others. I'm honest and I like to connect and make the shows fun as possible.

4. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you as a performer? How did it make you better off?

On 3 different occasions I've had women attempt and sometimes succeed at coming on stage to show me their boobs. I know it doesn't sound like the worst thing but one woman had such a big rack that I was seriously scared I was gonna suffocate to death. Good thing she was so wasted that she almost fell of the stage and another audience member was able to catch her and pull her down. In the end when she was kicked out and I realized my life was no longer in Jeopardy it became one of the best shows I've ever had. We'd all been through so much together and were bonded.

5. What is your favorite joke, and from whom? Why do you find it funny?

Ali Wong's entire Netflix special is my favorite joke. It's just so real and so funny and so perfect.

Experience your midweek comedy getaway in the heart of Miami Beach at Drinkhouse Fire and Ice as we present Annie Lederman to close out the last Wednesday Night Live of 2016. Bring your date(s), friends, parents etc.