Sense of Humor

A Sense of Humor Will Help You Meet Better Friends

  • Sharing a sense of humor finds you the best kinds of friendships
  • Understanding humor lets you see social thinking patterns
  • Getting in touch with your sense of humor helps you find like-minded people faster

Every once in a while you come across friends that you may not have seen in a long time and when you do, you get along instantly as if you just saw them yesterday.


Or the kind of friend that whenever you go out and hang, there is a “flow” that makes time pass by really fast. But you remember smiling and laughing for the majority of it.


Let’s look at the opposite:


Have you ever met someone you considered a friend, but have to watch what you say? Or a sense that there wasn’t much to say?

Or a sense of people pleasing whenever you meet?

Are you friends because you are coworkers but you don’t want to come off “wrong” or “unprofessional”?

The difference is – one friendship is based from a commonality of understanding, while the other is a friendship of “circumstance”.


Better friendships are found by understanding your sense of humor


Your humor is more intuitive than you think. You were born with what you find funny. Some newborns may laugh at a game peek-a-boo, while others may be in shock of all its glory.


When you go out in the real world, and say a joke or point out something humorous – own it. Whoever sees the humor in that too will be the kind of person you call a good friend; because they share that intuition.


Humor reveals Social Thinking Patterns


Describing what is humorous is very complex, because there are so many layers to it. But laughing about it is much easier.

If you trip and fall and someone laughs, it’s safe to say they are a bit sadistic.

If you make a dark joke and someone laughs, you may say that person has a cynical side.

If you make a goofy joke and someone laughs, that shows the person is lighthearted.

Once you know your kind of humor, that pierces you right into the values people have embedded in their character. It shows you the way to connect with them easily.


Filter out the people that don’t get it


Getting in touch with what you find funny repeatedly lets you notice the people who don’t share the same belief systems you do. This is great news because it saves you time. Getting this insight also lets you understand why you may not get along.

Being with the right kinds of people saves you energy to get on with your day, holding back with those who don’t may drain you of it.

The best thing you can take from this post is being aware of attuning yourself into the power of humor when it comes to social situations.

This builds your self esteem too, because you get a good glimpse of who you are.

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Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.

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