About Laugh Night: Redbar Comedy Night 6-4-18

This Night was a very special one. Might even go down in the books as one of the funnest shows we've ever done at the Redbar.

In case you don't know, The Redbar Comedy Night happens every Monday Night, and it's the #1 Miami Comedy Spot on a Monday. With years of developing its following, this is how you make every weekend feel like a long one after the nine-to-five.

On this show, there was a special appearance of Comedian Imagine. All the way from the Bronx and with TWO decades of experience, we were able to ring in the laughs like never before.

The room was slammed with a rowdy audience. Laughs and drinks were poured all over the bar, and the show started off with a quick showcase of Imagine, in preparation for his special Wednesday apperance.

The locals then took the stage and the fun continued. There is no better way to start off the week.

Dj's cocktails, comedians and now we offer Two-For-One Drinks to every show when you RSVP in advance!

Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.