Comedy Brings people together for the holidays

Comedy Brings People Together For The Holidays

There's A Reason Why Santa Says Ho Ho Ho!

The Holiday's are meant to be jolly, humor fits in just right to bring the people together.

The most wonderful time of the year has so many layers of things going just right.

The cold, the gifts, the cultures, the food and of course the parties.

That warm fuzzy feeling you get on the final days of the year can be elevated with by a wonderful event and sharing it with the people you care of the most.

There are different kinds of Holiday parties that we partake in: office parties with co-workers, family and friend get-togethers, and spur the moment outings.

We are happy to let you know that we can provide you the right kind of services to plan your Holiday Party with live comedy entertainment, venues and specials.

And when people are laughing, your event is already a success!

Having fun is ideally the #1 thing that's gotta happen in order for people to get into the Holiday Spirit.

And you can't spell funny without fun!

We've got you covered!

Plan Your Holiday Party With Miami Comedy

  • Ticket Discounts For Groups
  • Drink Discounts
  • Need a venue? We have lots for you to choose from!
  • Food And Catering Available
  • Live Professional Entertainment

There's lots of event planning going on in the Holidays. What makes us different?

We aren't just giving you a performer to make your guests laugh. We provide the whole package.

We are capable of connecting you with the right venues to provide the right environment for you.

Within our network of venues, we can also seek group discounts and services such as open bar, dining and catering options.

On top of it all we also provide group discounts and ticket packages to save you big!

Best Of All...It's VERY Affordable

Most of our events happen any night of the week. So your event will most likely land on the same date we have an event already!

Which saves you big on the venue booking, the drinks, and the tickets.

You and your guests will always be welcome to celebrate with us and we will accommodate you with table and seating reservations.

When it comes to large parties and bringing them a convenient night of live entertainment, we are very attentive to your needs.

You will speak directly with someone to make sure everything is going to plan and meeting your expectations, from planning to the night of the event!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started in making this the most wonderful time of the year!

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Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.