Escape the Tourist Traps: Local Advice to Replace the Miami Spring Break Experience

Watch the edited version here: https://youtu.be/N6abCbB55kA?si=H140dvPd5aLr0wuo

In this eye-opening episode where we peel back the sun-soaked façade of Spring Break to reveal the city's true colors. Forget the clichéd tourist traps; we're here to guide you through the vibrant streets of Miami, where the real magic happens. From hidden culinary gems in Little Havana to the pulsating rhythms of underground music scenes, we're giving you the insider's tour of Miami culture that you won't find on any brochure. J
oin us as we laugh, explore, and maybe even get lost in the lesser-known, but infinitely more memorable, corners of our city. Perfect for locals looking to rediscover their city and tourists eager to experience Miami beyond the beach, this episode is your ticket to a Spring Break filled with authentic Miami vibes.
Let's redefine what it means to vacation in Miami together, one laugh and discovery at a time.

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