Here’s why it’s hard to find a good roommate in Miami

Welcome to the Miami Comedy Podcast, where we tackle the real tropical challenges of living in the Magic City. This week, we're diving into the urban jungle of roommate hunting in Miami, a city where the living situations are as unpredictable as the weather forecast during hurricane season.

Ever thought moving in with an OnlyFans model could spice up your life? Or perhaps living with the local "pharmaceutical rep" sounded convenient? We're sharing tales from the trenches of shared living spaces, from the battlegrounds of unwashed dishes to the mysteries of vanishing fridge food. It's the kind of content you didn't know you needed until now.

In this episode:
OnlyFans Housemates: They promised glamour and glitz, but the WiFi can't handle the upload speed.
Living with The Plug: Sure, your snack stash is always full, but so is your living room...at 3 AM...on a Tuesday.
Dish Duty Duel: A thrilling saga of passive-aggressive notes and the last clean spoon.
Fridge Wars: An investigative report on who ate your leftover pizza (and why they deserve a comedy roast).

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Remember, in Miami, finding a good roommate might just be the key to survival - right up there with hurricane shutters and knowing the best empanada spots. Hit that subscribe button, turn on notifications, and let's make this journey an adventure we can all laugh about. 🎉✨

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