Interview with Comedian Eddie Bryant

Interview with Comedian Eddie Bryant from the Miami Takeover Festival

On this exclusive blog post, we do a quick interview with Comedian Eddie Bryant!

The Miami Takeover 2017 is a one night only annual event​ where Eddie performs and features a line up of talented comedians from all over the US to Miami Beach! 

This year, the show will be held at the infamous Colony Theater​. Get your tickets and use our exclusive promo code (COMEDY) to see this show Thursday night for just $10.

Interview with Comedian Eddie Bryant

As a Nationally touring comic, do you consider Miami to be a rare place for comedy? Why or why not.

I wouldn't say that Miami rare place for comedy. It really is a funny city. One minute you are in one of the most beautiful hotels surrounded by beautiful people then you hit the clubs for some fun and 3 bottles of Ciroc later, your in a bed and breakfast in Opa-Locka that has pit bull puppies for sale in the lobby or hallway whatever you wanna call it.

Do you see any differences in comedy styles coming from DC and performing in Miami?

I think that Comedy styles in general are based on the individual. Some comedians work really hard at being themselves and some try to be someone else. The comedians I do know from Miami are very entertaining and they have that party vibe to them. I guess that's because Miami is a party town. I've performed all over the world and I'm always myself no matter where I am.

What do you mostly base your comedy on?

I mostly base my comedy on my personal experiences and observations. Self expression. So my shows seem like a crazy conversation between friends and family. I want the audience get to know me and based on how they laugh I get to know who they are too. I talk about whatever I feel is relevant - relationships, dating, sex, politics, family stuff, & good ole trash talking is always fun.

What can the people from Miami Beach expect this coming Thursday?

Expect funny funny funny! The Eddie Bryant Comedy Fest Presented by Miami Takeover 2017 was created to get the people who come on the trip in a proper fun loving carefree mood as they begin their vacation. We are real festive! We love starting the vacation weekend off with laughter because things can only get better from there. Every year we have a mix of comedians from all over the country coming together and giving people a great show in a great atmosphere.
This year we have the legendary Tony Woods headlining the show. If you've never seen him live you are missing out. He's a comedy genius ! Also on the show from Miami comedian Larry Dogg who also bring his band along, and we also like to give up and coming acts a chance to be apart of the festivities so I have a few guess coming as well. We Come out to have a good time and give the best performance possible! We come to TAKEOVER!

What's your favorite joke and from whom? Why do you find it funny?

One of My favorite jokes is Dracula and the wino by Richard Pryor. I love long form jokes with multiple characters. To hear him tell the joke I feel like I'm right there seeing it happen even though it's just audio. Not having video allows the imagination to run wild and as you listen you create visuals in you mind. And the mind is the most silliest place in the universe- if you allow it to be... that's happiness!


If you would like to see Comedian Eddie Bryant perform with a unique line up of comedians in Miami Beach, be sure to get your tickets below and use promo code: COMEDY.

This event is ONE NIGHT ONLY!

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