Messi Mania in Miami | Miami Comedy Podcast 7-17-23

Welcome to another episode of the Miami Comedy Podcast!

In this episode, we’re diving into the heart of Miami’s soccer fever as we welcome international superstar, Lionel Messi to our home team, Inter Miami CF. We’ve got plenty to riff on, from Messi’s unique red carpet poses to Miami jumping on the soccer bandwagon in the most Miami way possible.

Ever wonder about the impact a soccer player can have on a city’s steakhouse scene? We’re here to discuss it! And let’s not forget the world-class Miami coffee culture; we’re betting even Messi can’t resist it.

Prepare to laugh as we delve into the possible culture shock awaiting any soccer player brave enough to venture into our vibrant city. From alligators on the pitch to Spanglish orders at local cafés, we cover it all. We’ll also take a humorous look at Miami’s infamous 1800411 pain attorney service and how it might see a surge in ‘soccer injuries.’

The gentrification of Miami takes a surprising twist as we discuss the city’s new soccer stadium’s effect on our local golf courses. Finally, we round off with a laugh-filled speculation of what Miami would look like if we won the World Cup (prepare for a city-wide party like no other!).

Tune in for a laugh-a-minute exploration of Miami’s soccer scene and how Lionel Messi fits into the picture. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all the fun! See you on the inside, folks!”


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