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Why the Miami Boat Market should look into Gondolas

After yesterdays incredible flash flood in Miami, I am obsessing over the fact that this may be an incredible business opportunity to start getting our paddles wet into a new business venture. The Miami Boat Market should definitely look into Gondolas.

Having some friends from Brickell, the timeline was flooded with flooding footage of knee deep waters stalling cars and leaving people stranded. I was already making plans of heading to a happy hour and sending photos to my family in NY what would appear to be me at a waterfront bar. Living it up in Miami.

Brickell may be one of the most luxurious areas in Miami, and pretty soon, the new status symbol in Miami will be pulling up to your favorite 5 star restaurant in a yacht.​

Miami Boat Market should look into Gondolas​

If you really think about it, this may be one of the best business opportunities into what may be an inevitable event in Miami. The floods are coming, and we'd might as well start looking into making the best of it and turning this city into a new age Venice.

The Traffic is bad, Gondolas will fix it

Gondolas is environmentally friendly, and can be shared. It's a win win service that can really start to eradicate traffic altogether. Crowds of people wait in front of their favorite spots and jump in and out of boats. The way I picture it would be a perfect utopia of boozy boat rides and open waters.​

​Gondoliers in Wynwood

Look, I'm not saying all male hipsters in their 20's look like gondoliers, but I'd say a good majority of professional looking Gondolier employment would come from the areas of Wynwood. Now hear me out, the better a Gondolier comes off to the real thing in France and Italy, especially when it comes to looks, the better the tip. Moustaches, striped shirts and fedoras. I'm telling you, you will banking in ways that will make you hire some of the best artists to tag the side of your boat. The economy calls for this cycle of opportunity! It just blows my mind.

The Next Move​

I'm renting a space and pack it with wholesale Gondolas, and just wait...patiently. When the day arrives, place a few craigslist ads and I'm out in the streets (rivers) mean mugging stalled uber/lyft cars and bank.​

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