Dom's Brickell Comedy Night 1-30-24

Miami Comedy Ignites Your Week with FUN!

Ignite Your Week with Miami Comedy's Sizzling Shows!

As the city vibes cool for the evening, Miami Comedy's stages are just heating up, ready to deliver a scorching lineup of humor to spice up your week. Why settle into the usual routine when you can enliven your spirits with a hearty dose of laughter? Forget the chill of mundane evenings; our comedy is guaranteed to warm you up from the inside out.

Miami Comedy is more than just a performance; it's a hotspot of hilarity, a sanctuary for creating unforgettable moments, and the ultimate destination to add some heat to your week with non-stop laughter. Make sure to reserve a spot in your schedule for the fiery fun, sharp wit, and rejuvenating laughs that only Miami Comedy can provide! 

This week we're extra excited to announce our brand new weekly show at MODE MIAMI, kicking off this Thursday. This one is going to be epic, be sure to RSVP now! This entire week is packed with fun, from crowd-pleasing shows, like Redbar, Limonada, Tipsy Flamingo and Dom's, or for a mid-week party head on over to the SLS Brickell. Or even an open mic night at Thank You Miami - there's a show for everyone!

Each Miami Comedy event promises a unique experience packed with mouth-watering food, inventive drinks, enticing BOGO drink specials, and vibrant happy hours. We've curated a variety for everyone and we're eager to see you laughing in the crowd this week.

By the way, join the Miami Comedy Membership to take full advantage of all the goodies we have to offer. Get exclusive access to reserved seating, a complimentary drink and/or a BOGO drink wristband to our shows!

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We hope you enjoy the week the week ahead and look forward to seeing you at our next show!

PPS - If you love to laugh but don't have the schedule to see our Miami Comedy shows live, join our podcast community for content and virtual shows.

But most importantly, laugh everyday!

Don't forget, when you come out to our shows be sure to tag us in your selfies on social!


Redbar Comedy Night

Monday, February 19th, 9:00pm

Redbar Brickell

52 SW 10th St,
Miami, FL 33130

After a long day of work, the best way to unwind is with comedy. Join us for an evening of laughter and fun at Redbar Brickell. This crowd-pleaser is your ideal escape into a world where humor takes the stage and stress melts away. Make your seating reservations in advance for guaranteed comfort during showtime and don't forget to save on the bar tabs by ordering the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks wristband.


Thank You Miami Comedy Night (Monday)

Monday, February 19th, 9:00pm

Thank You Miami Bar

1701 W Flagler St.,
Miami, FL 33135

Thank You Miami is the go-to Monday evening hotspot for all night-owls! As the sun sets, this venue is where the community gathers not just to celebrate Miami's vibrant energy, but also to make new friends and indulge in a night rich with comedy. Join us tonight, like every Monday, for an unforgettable start to your week, full of laughter and good company. We highly recommend making your seating reservations in advance and ordering the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks wristband.


Dom's Brickell Comedy Night

Tuesday, February 20th, 9:00pm


1010 Brickell Ave #200A,
Miami, FL 33131

Imagine stumbling upon a secret comedy haven nestled in the heart of Brickell. That's exactly the scene every Tuesday at Dom's. Discover a bar transformed into a comedy hotspot, where the cocktails are unmatched and the snacks hit just the right spot. Given the cozy setting, securing your spot through an RSVP is a must — space is at a premium. But that's what makes this show so intimate!


Miami Comedy Membership

Miami Comedy Membership

As a Miami Comedy member you'll enjoy exclusive access to reserved seating, BOGO drink wristbands and/or a free drink at your favorite Miami Comedy shows!


SLS Brickell Comedy Night

Wednesday, February 21st, 8:30PM
SLS Brickell

1300 South Miami Avenue

Miami, FL 33130

The SLS Brickell is the perfect spot for you, your girls, or your significant other to have a fantastic mid-week outing. Get there early to mingle with locals during our networking happy hour, and if you stay out a little later then you can enjoy our comedy show starting at 8:30pm. The comedy show is a sought-after event in our lineup, therefore, early RSVP is highly advised. Don't miss out on the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks wristbands, we can't wait to see you there!


'The Killing Joke' Mode Comedy Night

The Killing Joke Mode Comedy Night

Thursday, February 22nd, 8:30PM
Mode Miami

2 South Miami Ave.,

Miami, FL 33130

Beginning this Thursday, every week you can enjoy the unique blend of showcase, open mic, and Roast Battle lighting up MODE. It's your weekly dose of laughter, featuring a lineup of local comedic talent followed by an open mic session where novices and seasoned comics alike test their material on an eager audience. But here’s the twist: we celebrate the hits with applause and roast the misses with good-natured humor, keeping the vibe lively, engaging, and endlessly entertaining. RSVP early to get the best seats in the house! And BOGO wristbands will be available.


Thank You Miami Comedy Night (Friday)

Friday, February 23rd, 9:00pm

Thank You Miami Bar

1701 W Flagler St.,
Miami Beach, FL 33135

This Friday say 'cheers to the weekend' at Thank You Miami where you will be sure to discover a wide array of locally crafted beers from our impressive beer fridge. Immerse yourself in a fun atmosphere adorned with vibrant decorations and captivating entertainers. It's everything you could want for a perfect evening! Let all your friends know and RSVP ASAP. We highly recommend making your seating reservations in advance and ordering the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Beers wristband.


Virtual Miami Comedy Show

Livestreaming Weekly at 6:00PM


Limonada Comedy Night

Saturday, February 24th, 9:00pm

Limonada Bar & Brunch

825 Washington Ave.,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Say goodbye to ordinary brunches—Limonada Bar & Brunch is revolutionizing your weekend with an all-day brunch menu that you can't resist. Because you still get to enjoy your brunch favorites BUT with the added bonus of all day options and a comedy show! Come for the brunch, stay for the belly laughs! We highly recommend that you RSVP as soon as possible to guarantee your seats - BOGO wristbands are available.


Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night

Sunday, February 25th, 9:00pm

Tipsy Flamingo Cocktail Bar

40 NE 1st Ave. #101,
Miami Beach, FL 33132

Tipsy Flamingo is a chic bar situated in the bustling Brickell area that becomes your comedy escape every Sunday night. Sip on expertly mixed cocktails for a guaranteed splendid conclusion to your weekend festivities. Our expertise lies in maintaining a lively atmosphere and prolonging the weekend's magic just a tad bit longer. Don't forget to RSVP - Priority seats and BOGO wristbands available.


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