Miami Stand Up Comedians Perform at Redbar Comedy Night

Get in on all the cocktails and comedy provided by Redbar and all the Miami Stand Up Comedians.

Every Monday in Brickell you can get more laughs at the start of your week.

Miami Stand Up Comedians Every Monday in at The Redbar Brickell

In order to see some of the best Miami Stand Up Comedy Shows, you need to go to where the source is.

Monday's at the Redbar is a variety show where the locals go to laugh and have a drink after work.

This is the ideal way to go about Monday's because it causes you to experience a sequel to all the good times even after the weekend is over.

Miami Comedians take the stage and provide the audience a fresh line up of joke writing and crowd work.

There is nothing more fun than being in your favorite local bar and seeing the performing arts happening live.

The Working Miami Stand Up Comedians Need a Place To Work Out

Just like hitting the gym, Miami Stand Up Comedians need to get up on stage and make another group of strangers laugh in order to fine-tune their punchlines.

This is the ideal location to do so every Monday because of how diverse the attendees of Redbar Comedy Night's are.

Here is where you can see locals from Brickell, and tourists sharing the intimate vibes of the Redbar.

Not to mention sharing the joys of laughter as the room comes together.

This is where the art of Miami Stand Up Comedy really becomes something very special.

What Makes Redbar Brickell So Great For Live Stand Up Comedy?

Apart from the live stand up comedy shows, Redbar is one of the trendiest bars in town.

With its dim red lighting, friendly staff, social ambiance and delicious cocktails, there seems to be no better location for a Monday night comedy show.

The lounge chairs across the wall fit in about 60 attendees per show comfortably.

Be sure to make your attendance reservations in advance. You can also save on the bar tabs by RSVP'ing your Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks wristband in advance.

For showtimes, click below:

Miami Stand Up Comedians Perform at Redbar Comedy Night
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Miami Stand Up Comedians Perform at Redbar Comedy Night
In order to get a sampler of all the Miami Stand Up Comedians, visit Redbar Comedy Night's on Monday's. Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks when you RSVP.
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