How taking your date to a comedy show wil get you laid

Taking Your Date to a Comedy Show Will Get You Laid

  • Taking the phrase “laugh your pants off” to a whole new level
  • First time daters will find the best way to break the ice
  • Laughter is the ultimate aphrodisiac
  • Sharing laughs strengthens relationships
  • Intimacy in comedy club settings makes it ideal to get close


Disclaimer: This article applies to both male and female partners… 😉


Have you ever wondered what might be considered one of the best ways to take your date out for a night of assured fun?
Have you finally landed a meeting with someone you really like and just have no idea where to take them to make it a great time?


Or, are you currently so in love that you are looking to find a way to share a great time with that special someone?


Taking Your Date to a Comedy Show is setting up the expectation that you want TO HAVE FUN with someone


It almost comes to the point that writing this article seems like I’m letting out a HUGE secret to how to have a successful date night.

And even if you’ve been with that someone for a very long time – the power of being together in a room full of strangers to share the joy of laughter is by far one of the best ways to really come closer as a couple.

If you stop and glance around the room, you realize you are on an emotional roller coaster of dopamine. Everyone is relieving stress there with you.

It’s like sharing an experience of absolute fun with other people, in the moment, right there with you.


Sharing Laughter Reveals Your Impressions On People


While you are on the date sharing those laughs with your special someone, consider that you two are also revealing what you find funny.

THIS may be the best way to discover commonality and a sense of rapport.

As they say, one of the best judgements of character is what a person laughs at.

And understanding humor displays a sense of intellect and creativity.

Suggesting going on a date to a comedy show subtly implies that you “get it” aka not a “tight ass”.


Leaving a Memorable Moment with Emotions


The most successful thing you can hear is someone saying to you “I had a great time…”

People will always remember how you made them feel. If you are having fun, they will associate all that fun to spending time with you!

Once you’ve built comfort, rapport, and flowing dopamine…you show that you “get it”. You have a less likely chance to fail when you make the move to take it to the next level.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of all the psychology associated with hooking up on a date. It goes way deeper, of course.

The most important thing to takeaway from this post is that as a person who cares about someone, and wants to take it to a physical direction, a comedy show really is a subtle way to get your foot on the bedroom door.

Laughter is awesome foreplay.