Redbar Comedy Night

Get Your Dose of Miami Comedy Shows all Week Long

Here's an update for you on where to get your nightly dose of Miami Comedy shows.

It's been a long week, just landed from a wonderful trip in New Orleans, didn't have a drink (a miracle). But I must say its great to be presenting you with some live stand up comedy shows back home in the magic city!

This week we announce that the Miami Comedy Monthly membership will increase from 25 to $37/mo.

Why? Well there's a lot going on in 2020.

We just added a new Tuesday night show at Grails Wynwood, Sweet Caroline comedy nights have a new 8PM showtime in case you want to hang out at a comedy show earlier, and we've just established a Saturday night show at Sunset Yard in South Miami.

The shows at Barter Wynwood will be ticketed after 9PM.

What does that have to do with the monthly membership prices?

Every show we produce at a bar (now at 6 nights a week) will grant you a complimentary drink on me.

All you have to do is arrive and tell the door person you're a monthly member and you get a drink ticket.

If we ever have a ticketed show, whether it be a special guest at Barter Wynwood or one of our productions at the Miami Improv, you get a free ticket admission for those too!

We usually have 24 bar shows and one VIP style show at the Improv on a monthly basis.

That's a free drink 24 nights a month and free admissions to the Barter and Improv shows!

Soon it will be more shows when we expand our programs on Sundays!

All month long, just one price of $37.

But here's the kicker...you can still get this membership at $25 if you enroll in the program before Sunday (March 8th, 2020) at 11:59PM.

Get to know how to save money on the bar tabs by enrolling on the membership!

Once you've become a monthly member, here's where to get your free drinks...

Your Weekly Dose of Miami Comedy Shows


Redbar Comedy Night

Redbar Comedy Night

Monday, March 2nd, 9:00pm

Redbar Brickell

52 SW 10th St,
Miami, FL 33130

Mondays at Redbar Brickell has got me a bit more excited than before. You too will feel the upgrades of our shows here as we have more seating, an elevated stage and a new spotlight! Not to mention the consistently delicious cocktails this place serves always delights our attendees. Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks available when you RSVP.


Sweet Caroline Comedy Night

Sweet Caroline Comedy Night

Tuesday, March 3rd, 8:00pm

Sweet Caroline Bar

1111 SW 1st Ave #107,
Miami, FL 33130

Tuesday's at Sweet Caroline Comedy Night has an earlier showtime! Come in at 8PM to see comedians working on their craft while you enjoy a craft...drink! Whether it's beer, or a cocktails, this is the place to be to enjoy a Tuesday night out having fun with your friends. Why is so much fun being had here? Well, this is our most interactive show, this event puts the "club" in comedy club. Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks available here too!


Grails Wynwood Comedy Night

Valentines Day Comedy Show at Grails Wynwood

Friday March 4th, 9:00pm

Grails Wynwood

2800 N Miami Ave,
Miami, FL 33127

Our brand new Tuesday night event heads to Wynwood for your location convenience. If you'd rather hang out in the Wynwood area, we've got one of the most original events happening at Grails. Stand up comedians take their jokes to the wall for attendees to laugh it up! Drinking and dining available! Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks when you RSVP.


Barter Wynwood Comedy Night

Barter Comedy Night 1-15-20-13

Wednesday, March 4th, 9:00pm

Barter Wynwood

255 NW 27th Terrace,
Miami, FL 33127

With the ever so growing popularity of Barter we are adding comedians from out of town to soon take the stage. This venue has a nice comedy club feel with a large stage and seating area. Barter is the biggest comedy show we've got in our roster because its also ladies night! Ladies drink free after 10PM. Two drink min during showtime, but hey, who doesn't drink during a comedy show?? ;). Free admissions when you RSVP and arrive before 9PM showtime. Seating is very limited. Make your seating reservations in advance!


Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon Comedy Night

Mr. Wrights Gold Digger Saloon Comedy Night 1-16-20-5

Thursday, March 5th, 9:00pm

Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon

111 NE 20th St,
Miami, FL 33137

Seeking a different kind of environment for live entertainment? We recommend checking out our Thursday show at Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon. This Western themed bar is outdoors and very intimate. Making this our most unique venue. Drinking and dining available. Two drink min during showtime. Due to the popularity of this event, make your reservations in advance and arrive before 9PM for seating accommodations.


Sunset Yard Comedy Night

Sunset Yard Comedy Night

Saturday March 7th, 9:00pm

Sunset Yard Comedy Night

5840 SW 71st St, South
Miami, FL 33143

Finally! We've partnered with a weekly weekend show and man how great its been going! I look forward to Saturdays because of just how packed this place gets with folks who pregame with free live entertainment before their weekend plans. You too can benefit from a good time, to get you in a good mood, for a great night out in Miami. The food is delish, the drinks are plenty however the seating is limited! Make your seating reservations in advance and arrive before 9PM showtime for accommodations. Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks available when you RSVP!

Save On The Bar Tabs!

Receive a Complimentary drink during any of our weekly Miami Comedy Shows by joining our Monthly Membership Programs!

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  • Get A FREE Drink During Our Weekly Shows
  • Monday - Redbar Comedy Night
  • Tuesday - Sweet Caroline Comedy Night
  • Wednesday - Barter Comedy Night
  • Thursday - Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon Comedy Night
  • Friday Grails Wynwood Comedy Night
  • Saturday Sunset Yard Comedy Night
  • Sunday - Slap and Tickle Comedy Night
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