Get Your Laughs With Video Clips of Comedian Will E Robo

We are excited to announce and present to you the headliner for Wednesday Night Live at the Miami Improv, February 12th.

Will E Robo has been performing in some of the great comedy clubs of England.

With a sharp eye for funny opportunities in all situations you can expect to be a part of another RARE performance in Miami.

Wednesday Night Live is a one night only event where you can see these types of talents during their off nights and during your workweek!

Comedian Will E Robo is a seasoned comedian that has been hand selected by your host Kyle Grooms.

We will fly in this talent, lodge them and present him at the Miami Improv for those seeking comic relief on a Wednesday night.

Don't miss out on another exciting production of Wednesday Night Live!

About Will E Robo

Energetic, charismatic, versatile and animated are just a few words that describe Will E.
stand-up routines. He is a universal comedian, with an overflow of energy, combining his
story-telling abilities with vividly humorous gestures and amazing sound effects that can
paint a clear picture in our heads. He is also notoriously known for his impressions of
animals, entertainers, and other characters.

Will E. already has an impressive television resume under his belt. He made numerous
appearances on The Apollo, winning six times as an amateur. He also appeared twice
on both BET’s Comic View and Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam. He has also made
memorable appearances on P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, in 2005 and 2007. His
stand-up acts have also been viewed on Jenny Jones and a many other events. In 2008,
he is also slated to feature in Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment Stand-Up.

Aside from television, Will E. has made audiences laugh all across the country. And
around the world to performing for the Armed Forces, Will E. As a result of his
performances, he received the Flip Wilson Award for Best Original Act.

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