Casa Tiki Comedy Night 11-13-21

Good Laughs in Miami with the Best Comedians

Happy Monday y'all, we hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones and that you're equally ready to have some good laughs all over Miami brought to you by the best comedians the city has to offer at this week's lineup of comedy shows.

Each one of our comedy shows is a unique experience all on its own so by all means, RSVP for as many as you would like because no one is like the other!

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Okay, enough from us! Check out all the details you need to be able to fully enjoy this week's shows and be sure to RSVP and invite your friends!

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We hope you have a great time this week and don't forget to tag us on social!


Redbar Comedy Night

Redbar Comedy Night 8-23-21

Monday, November 29th, 8:00pm

Redbar Brickell

52 SW 10th St,
Miami, FL 33130

Click the button right above and RSVP to spend a great Monday night at Redbar! This is not only one of the trendiest bars in Brickell, but it also happens to be home of one of our longest running shows so grab your coworkers too and make it a happy hour because it's a show you definitely don't want to miss. Save on the bar tabs by ordering the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks wristband.


Thank You Miami Comedy Night

Thank You Miami Comedy Night

Monday, November 29th, 9:00pm

Thank You Miami Bar

1701 W Flagler St.,
Miami, FL 33135

Have you heard about our newest show at Thank You Miami? We kicked it off last week and it was epic. RSVP for this week's show and come check out for yourself what everyone is raving about - great drinks and equally great comedy. Make your seating reservations in advance to be comfortable during showtime and don't forget to save on the bar tabs by ordering the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks wristband.


Dom's Brickell Comedy Night

Doms Comedy Night

Tuesday, November 30th, 9:00pm


1010 Brickell Ave #200A,
Miami, FL 33131

Tuesday nights are well spent at DOM'S; this intimate cocktail lounge is where you can grab a comfortable seat, order your favorite cocktails and delicious bites while you sit back and enjoy our show with a lineup of some of Miami's best comedians. Seating reservations recommended and BOGO drinks are available.


Virtual Miami Comedy Show

miami comedy virtual comedy club

Livestreaming Weekly at 6:00PM

Nothing beats a live in-person comedy show and we certainly love putting together these together for you but if you're more of a homebody (or a busybody), that's not a problem! I can still bring the laughs to you any day of the week. Tune in from the comfort of wherever you are and join me in my livestream recording of the Miami Comedy podcast. Join the virtual comedy club in Miami to get to know the other locals who love to laugh!


Casa Tiki Comedy Night

Casa Tiki Comedy Night 11-13-21

Wednesday, December 1st, 9:00PM
Casa Tiki

1728 SW 8th St., Miami, 33135 FL

Wednesdays can tend to feel like a drag! Not quite the beginning of the week but the weekend feels so far away too. Take off the edge, grab your girls and make your way to Calle Ocho for a ladies' night happy hour and great comedy - ladies drink FREE! Showtime is at 9pm, priority seats available along with BOGO wristbands.


Tripping Animals Comedy Night

Tripping Animals 8-26-21

Thursday, December 2nd, 9:00PM
Tripping Animals Brewing Co.
2685 Northwest 105th Ave., Doral, FL 33172

If you're feeling up for a night out in the town on Thursday then we have the perfect thing for you. Experience a one-of-a-kind taproom at Tripping Animals with the tastiest craft beer, and enjoy live comedy while you're at it! Save on the bar tabs by ordering buy-one-get-one-free drinks wristbands for select beers and don't forget to RSVP to reserve your seating. We can't wait to see you there!


Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night 9-5-21

Sunday, December 5th, 8:00PM
Tipsy Flamingo Cocktail Bar
40 NE 1st Ave. #101, Miami, 33132

There's something refreshing about Sunday's, they're a great opportunity to reset and get ready to start your week on the right foot. What's a better way to do that than with a comedy show? For a while the Downtown area was missing something, a little entertainment if you will. Tipsy Flamingo has now filled that void. This is where you become immersed with Miami-ans who have a great sense of humor. Grab a drink and enjoy our show! Don't forget to RSVP - Priority seats and BOGO wristbands available.


$100 Tab Raffle

Winner will be announced December 31st


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