A Guide to Poppin Bottles in Miami

A Guide to Poppin Bottles in Miami

There is no better display of accomplishment than to crack open a bottle champagne in a public place. The sweet sound of success can be heard with a pop from across the room and followed by people cheering. Even better when the bottle service girl at a nightclub brings it to you with a sparkler on it, as an indicator that your area is now a splash zone. –¬†However, spraying champagne under the wrong situations can be uncalled for. Here is a Guide to Poppin Bottles in Miami.

Have atleast 10x the Price of the Champagne Bottle in your Bank Account

Sure you can buy a $10 bottle of champagne to take it to the picnic and douse your nana after getting one hundred dollars in ebay. This is mostly for those that buy a $1000+ bottle of champagne at a nightclub, and wonder if you can take the empty bottle with you to collect rainwater after your eviction. It doesn’t take a financial expert to tell you that spending 110% of your paycheck on a one time instance doesn’t make sense. You may not even remember it the next morning, until the overdraft fee kicks in.

Never Spray People Outside of your Squad

Not everyone is celebrating. People have electronics in their pockets and expensive dresses on. You are also putting people in danger of being pulled over and smelling like a fancy alcoholic. As a fair warning, the least you can do is to look at the strangers around you right in the eye as you unwrap the foil.

The People in your Squad better have gotten something off Whatever it is you’re Celebrating

Yes it can be a birthday or anniversary party, but if you and your close friends take a party bus while your third party acquaintances took a cab to the club, don’t expect them to be in the same level of your turn up. Another example is if you and some co-workers celebrate your job promotion but someone who was a secondary candidate is now soaked along with his failure.


Become familiar with the different ways to open a bottle of champagne. The most anticlimactic thing to do when you have a bottle in your hand is to bite your bottom lip trying to get it open, only to realize the twist tie is still on it. Although your fidgeting and shaking may strengthen the fizz, it doesn’t look good and turns people off.

Spray Passively, not Directly

It is an unfair advantage when you are around a group of people and you are about to soak them. Its like being in a water gun fight with no water gun. When you finally get your bottle open don’t aim it at people, spray it upward and have people WANT to JOIN in on it rather than being a victim of your obnoxious celebration.

A Guide to Poppin Bottles in Miami
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