Tuesday Miami

Redbar Comedy Night Tuesday Miami

There is an emerging comedy night happening on a Tuesday Miami. Made specifically to be your midweek happening after work. This event brings together the ever-expanding Brickell Community and all its comedy fans, an opportunity for Miami to chill out, laugh in and get to know the artists and business people of the area.

Tuesday Miami
All smiles on where we’re at: The Redbar Comedy Night

Every first Tuesday of the month, Miami Comedy “pops up” at the Redbar and puts on some performers to make the night a blur of fun with a variety of audience members sampling the great melting pot of Miami.

DSC_0010 (1)
A diverse mix of audience members allows the entertainment to be as eclectic as possible.

Our previous show also had a special guest appearance of Kyle Grooms who closed out the show with amazing new material he was carving for his career appearances in the USA.

Tuesday Miami
Kyle Grooms in Brickell on a Tuesday: adds to our definition of “pop up”

To add more flair to the event, the Redbar audibly makes the show accessible to passerby’s in the area, drawing in a larger crowd to join in.

Tuesday Miami

If you are looking for an outting during your midweek in Miami, keep an eye out for future pop ups happening in all the bars, restaurants, theaters our city has to offer. Thanks for another great evening Brickell!

Tuesday Miami
Wall of spirits. Our camera almost blacked out taking this shot. 😉

Here’s a Video Clip of last night. Follow us on Instagram for more MEDIA.

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