Miami Comedy T Shirts Giveaway

Miami Comedy T Shirts Giveaway

There’s a great feeling about wearing a soft and light shirt with a soft feel to the ink, depicting a flamingo bursting out of a Richard Pryor caricature; people will experience just that with our first ever Miami Comedy T Shirts Giveaway.

What is the goal of the Miami Comedy T Shirts Giveaway?

Building awareness of stand up comedy to the locals through total comfort. Miami weather of ours this summer of ’16 has a humid hot start to it. We’ve had a hobby press kit sitting around and it hit us that T shirts are a great way to communicate. Hot weather + Light Shirts = Our way to give a little something to our fellow people of Miami.

About the Design

Miami Comedy T Shirt Giveaway
Our first ever pressing. Flamingo and Richard Pryor sharing the spotlight.

This particular design came from hired illustrators at Iron Forge Press. We thought it would be great to have some of the greats in caricature, then took it a bit further by having the well known Miami bird bursting out. This is our symbolism that Miami should be known more for the art of comedy among all its aesthetics.

Where to get them

We have the campaign going on in our Instagram Page, our RSVP’s to our next event and we will be at the Leah Arts District for #Hialeahnow event.

Other Shirts we have on the Press

We made a few other shirts on ideas based on how heated it is with this years political power struggle. The controversy among the presidential candidates cannot be pointed out without some humor. So we got on Photoshop and printed a few shirts depicting the personalities and PR stunts of our fellow politicians. These are only offered after our pop up shows for a generous donation.

MIami Comedy T Shirt Giveaway
Pictured here: Bernie Sanders with a Brooklyn Chain, Hillary Clinton Hot Sauce, and Donald Trump vs a Mexican Luchador

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