Memories Of Nightclubbing In Miami

On this episode of the Miami Comedy Podcast, we go through all the good and bad (mostly bad) memories of nightclubbing in Miami.

Remember when you had to go through a large crowd in order to get to a bar.

The lights, the music and the beautiful twerking people all around you as you try to get to their level with another drink in hand.

But when you get to the bar, there's 80 other patrons completely terrorizing the one bartender they have serving the drinks.

You try to get their attention and they have some form of blindness.

It's funny to think about the behavior of bartenders.

When you are the only person at the bar, they serve you the drinks ASAP and ask you questions like "what'll it be?"

I have never heard that said to me, but I'm sure if I'm the first or last person at the bar, you can get that 5 star quality in service.

My memories of nightclubbing in Miami is mostly trying to get a drink.

You're focused, you're determined, and you're frustrated all at the same time.

Ordering Bottles While Nightclubbing in Miami

I've been fortunate enough to be with friends with hospitality hook ups in Miami.

I mean like ordering bottles on ice and having hosts bringing droves of ladies surrounding our table. (Never knew this was a service btw.)

The bottles I've seen served look like something you see in a music video.

Have you ever seen those champagne bottles with a spade and an Ace.

It looks like the Avengers, as if Tony Starks own the copyrights to that bottle.

It has Ironman plating and blue lights somehow.

Thankfully, I never purchased these for thousands of dollars.

But I'm sure you have to get your moneys worth.

You can't have the bottle service lady show the sparklers for less than a minute if you order it.

As a matter of fact, the longer the better.

If I ever ordered a bottle I'd ask bottle service to go around and do some laps around the clubs to get my moneys worth.

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Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.