Miami Comedy Podcast 11-18-18

Get up to date on what's happening this week and in the next few months. I discuss with you who we've got booked in the future.

This episode is in preparation for: Thanksgiving Eve Miami Comedy Show 11/21/18

Things that come to mind:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Family
  • Friendsgiving
  • Veteran’s Day Weekend with

Luis J. Gomez

Mo Mandel

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Trying to get back on there, and I will. I have to keep up the productions to make sure that you’re experiencing more hilarious comedy.

But most importantly…

You know when’s a great time to go out with friends and family? Thanksgiving eve…

It’s right before the holiday of eating, so what are your plans, stay home and eat. Ya gotta go out.

Well have I got some great news for you…

We will be having a Thanksgiving Eve Miami Comedy Show (Hear that title? Clever I know!)

This event will be at 9PM This Wednesday, November 21st at The Craftsman.

I love that room, it’s like a comedy club right-smack in the middle of Brickell. Ya can’t beat it!

The seating, the lighting, totally vintage and laid back, with a great hardworking staff to make sure you’re enjoying yourselves.

Best of all, you can see some of the most hardworking comics of Miami go front and center and pour the jokes on you like gravy into your laughpotatoes.

You like that metaphor? Me too.

Get your tickets to assure seating and get ready for another great night out with Miami Comedy .com!

With these tickets safely in our willcall, you and your guests will have a place to go and share some laughs.

You’ll have tables readily available to drink and dine.

You can see live entertainment and actually build up some friends and acquaintances when you attend!

We get along with just about everyone, we know how to bring the room together!

So again, get those tickets! Go to and head over to the November 21st date.

Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.