Miami Comedy Roast Battle

Miami Comedy Roast Battle at Barter Wynwood

Don't Miss Out On The Miami Comedy Roast Battle

Have you ever seen a Roast on Comedy Central? Did you enjoy seeing the insults flying across the room like a game of Battleship? Then we encourage you to check out the Miami Comedy Roast Battle happening at Barter Wynwood.

This event only occurs once a month, and has left the locals laughing out loud. It's a big hit! Miami just loves seeing comedians insulting one another.

You will no longer need to wait until the next Roast special on TV, you can join us for this special event at Barter Wynwood.

One-of-a-Kind Comedy Show in Wynwood

This is the only free live entertainment of this kind of hilarious caliber that you can find in the Wynwood area.

Barter Wynwood has one of the most original performance spaces that makes this comedy show very suitable.

With a large stage, and over 100+ seats, tables, lounge chairs and a bar inside.

Dont Miss out!

This event only happens once a month!

We are Adding more to the Laugher: Ladies Drink Free!

Not only is this event laugh out loud funny...

Not only is this event free to attend...

But it's also Ladies Night every Wednesday at Barter!

Meaning every lady attending this event can enjoy FREE OPEN BAR during showtime!

How to Make Table and Seating Reservations

Due to the popularity of this show, we highly recommend you make your seating reservations in advance.

Also we request all reservations to arrive before 9PM showtime for accommodations.

Join the adventurous nightowls of Wynwood seeking something new.

This is one of the most alternative forms of nightlife available in Miami!

Miami Comedy Roast Battle at Barter Wynwood
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Miami Comedy Roast Battle at Barter Wynwood
If you like seeing the insults fly hilariously across the room, we invite you to experience the Miami Comedy Roast Battle at Barter Wynwood.
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Miami Comedy
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