What to do in Brickell on a Tuesday

If you would like to make the most of what to do in Brickell on a Tuesday, we have a recommendation...

There is a secret comedy club gem located inside Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar.

This comedy show only happens once a week...and it is a great way to answer the questions "What to do in Brickell?"

Special Guest Comedians Drop In All the Time

Above you can see a video of a special guest by the name of Monique Marvez.

She travels all around the world and has 3 Showtime specials.

But she dropped in to work the crowd and make the people of Brickell laugh it up.

And what an amazing performance it was!

This is an example of the kinds of fun you can have on a random Tuesday night.

This Little Lounge Brings Together the Best of Both Worlds: Cocktails and Comedy

Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar is known for its seating, tunes and cocktail creations.

It is a staple to the locals whenever they ask what to do in Brickell.

But Tuesday nights is where locals come to laugh.

This is one of those venues in the area that makes a name for itself by being different than the rest!

Save Money On the Bar Tabs

There's two ways you can make the most of your drinks during showtime.

  1. You can purchase Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks on any drinks of your choice all night long.
  2. You can join our Monthly Miami Comedy Membership Program and get a free drink here and in all of our bar shows, for just one price a month.
What to do in Brickell on a Tuesday
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What to do in Brickell on a Tuesday
If you ever ask yourself what to do in Brickell on a Tuesday, we would like to make a hilarious recommendation. Join us at Sweet Caroline Comedy Night.
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