The Funniest Brickell Events Every Monday

Experience some of the funniest Brickell events happening every Monday.

Attending Redbar Comedy Night is like visiting a weekly comedy club and cocktail bar conveniently located in Brickell.

The locals know where the laughs are, and so should you!

Since this is the only place to get a laugh at the beginning of your week in the area, we're pretty confident in saying that you can't get any better when it comes to Brickell events on a Monday.

We showcase local working comedians and there are always special guests dropping in to make the event like a variety show of talents.

Brickell Events Should Be Accessible

Best of all these events are also free to attend. 

No cover, no tickets.

Seating however is very limited so we do recommend you arrive before showtime 9PM to get your seats in advance.

The bartender service here is also very friendly.

You can always get your drinks on time, and the bartenders are very attentive.

Brickell Events Should Be Curated

This is one of the most original comedy productions in all of Miami.

Also considered one of the longest running comedy shows we've got.

The show splits in 3 parts...

First we start off the event with a hand-selected showcase of about 4-5 comedians.

Secondly, any special guests will be placed around the middle of the event.

Finally, we do an all out comedy slam with an open mic show for the nightowls.

Save Your Money On The Bar Tabs

They call it comedy club for a reason.

But here at Miami Comedy, we are more than just a pop up comedy show.

We are a group of locals who love to laugh in Miami.

So we give back, by allowing you to save $$$ on the bar tabs.

Not just in this show, but all of our bar shows.

You can purchase Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drinks, any drink, during showtime. (Usually 3 hours).

Or you can look into being a Monthly Miami Comedy Member by paying just one price a month and get a free drink during any of our shows!

The Funniest Brickell Events Every Monday
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The Funniest Brickell Events Every Monday
Discover the funniest Brickell events happening every Monday. Redbar Comedy Night is your local weekly comedy club and cocktail bar!
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Miami Comedy
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