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Valentines Day Longer with Wednesday Night Live

When it comes to Valentines Day, we suggest you show your love for more than just a day.

Wednesday Night Live becomes Wednesday Night Love this year as we return for the 2020 season on February 12th.

What better way to show your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband that you care than by sharing the gift of laughing.

And the earlier you buy your tickets, the more you're able to save!

Wednesday Night Live is All About the Love of Laughter

From experience, taking your date to a comedy show will get you laid.

There's just something about laughing it up with a room full of people that can be an exciting and fun experience you can't find anywhere else.

And when you enter the comedy clubs we produce these shows in, you can elevate that experience with theater seating, drinking and dining.

Sit back, relax and let our line up of entertainers present you with a Valentines event that is worth every cent and moment on your special night out!

We do all the work, you get all the credit!

One Night Only Appearances

Wednesday Night Live is an independently produced comedy show with you and your guests in mind.

We don't just find anyone and put them on stage, this is a highly curated event where we find the kinds of talents we believe the locals will enjoy.

We book them on their night off from touring nationally and internationally and fly them down to your city for a rare presentation.

You won't find talented performers like these coming often to our city!

Get your tickets today!

We at Miami Comedy highly value the comedy fans such as yourself.

And we would like to offer you the steepest discount possible for all of your support and for your experience to be cost-effective.

Beat the last minute crowds and get your tickets as early as possible to take advantage of our Pre-sale and early bird discounts.

As we come closer to showtime, we will make announcements of our special line up and the prices will go up!

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