Very Funny Virtual Laughs in Miami

Very Funny Virtual Laughs in Miami

Hey local laugh lover.

It's your boy Manny again, the "comedy curator" of Miami.

It's a title I made up on the spot, and I hope you accept it.

Speaking of which, we're back at it...bringing you laughs by any means necessary. Or shall I say any MEMES necessary...

Today I realize these are like the "Best of the week" newsletters. Archived for display like time capsules on our website.

We're making a proactive difference with people all around Miami.

We unite the folks from all areas and continue having comedy conversations via livestreams and podcasts.

To support these efforts, throw us some change to the GoFundme (big surprise once we reach our goal).

Or you can also buy a shirt from our new Shop!

BTW if you really need some live comedy shows while inside, check out Laugh Lounge to stream comedy shows all around the USA!

Enjoy this weeks newsletter. Its made from my heart to your funny bone.

Miami Comedy Club Virtual Newsletter


Miami Comedy Podcast 7-27-20

We go live everyday. We stream comedy conversations with the local community who loves to laugh. But Saturday nights are different (kinda). The reason why its different is because these episodes get recorded particularly for our podcast. Meaning it will live forever on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube etc. Want to make this the best episode of the week? Join us every Saturday night at 6PM.


Recent Miami Comedy Conversations

Do you need a daily pick me up? Need a virtual friend during the lockdown? I got you. Because everyday we livestream a show where YOU are the guest. People from all over the city hop on the livestream to contribute to the hilarious discussions. Its kind of like the bar in Cheers where everyobody knows your (user)name. The livestreams begin at 6PM.


Comedy Clip of the Week

One of my favorite (full length) videos of the late great Patrice Oneal on the web.


Miami Comedy Virtual Speed Dating

Miami Comedy Cupid

New Date! (Friday August 14th) 7PM
Links coming soon!

Back by popular demand! Our last episode with the local singles (mostly ladies) discussed just how humorous it is to date in Miami. We hear its a jungle out there! If you'd like to see what the dating pool is like in Miami; take a deep digital dive with us! We blend speed dating, group coaching and comedy crowdwork!


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Manny Garavito is founder, writer and stand up comedian for Miami Comedy. Originally from Long Island, Manny moved to Miami at an early age to soak in the sun and culture. In addition, he is a freelance digital marketer.