Comedy Characters by Marlon Wayans

A Collection of Comedy Characters by Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans has the gift of making comedy characters come to life. Making his South Florida appearance at the Fort Lauderdale Improv this weekend for his National Scandal-less tour; you can see his performance live in action. On top of all that, age does not effect his appearance at all. He’s been looking and kept his comedic pace going since In Living Color, but on film, his transformations make him look like everything but Marlon Wayans. Here is a Collection of Comedy Characters by Marlon Wayans over the years.


Loc Dawg (Don’t Be A Menace)

On top of the list to show one of his most popular characters in Don’t be a Menace.


Shorty Meeks (Scary Movie 2)

Shorty Meeks comes in second on the list as the real reason the Scary Movie Franchise was such a success in its early productions.

Gawain Macsam (The Lady Killers)

Coming in third is one of his least popular characters in the Cohen Brothers film “The LadyKillers”.


Mr. Moody (Dance Flick)

To be honest, I have not seen this film, however I stumbled across this clip of Marlon Playing an Acting professor in the movie “Dance Flick”.


Cuban Convenience Store Owner (White Chicks)

Coming in to finish the collection; this scene in White Chicks is a perfect introduction to the Film. Coming From Miami, this is Hilarious!


Marlon Wayans will be performing during his Scandal-less comedy tour at the Fort Lauderdale Improv this weekend.

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