Miami Coffee Shops Are Too Small To Fail

In case you don't already know, we go live everyday. And we have very funny discussions with the locals who love to laugh. And on this episode we go over on how the Miami Coffee shops are too small to fail.

Think about it, you can find Miami-ans serving coffee inside all the crevices of Miami.

From gas stations, to massage parlors, and car washes. Coffee is just a part of life.

But when you combine pricing - an a very low price - you can't compete or make it go away!

The Miami Coffee Shop Culture Runs Deep

Imagine an evolved world like Blade Runner or Star Wars in a city like Miami.

You can also imagine a place for coffee to be sold in the future.

And you will never be able to imitate the way those bakery ladies whisk the coffee sugar into the pot.

So even if at a push of a button you could serve your own coffee, you will still miss that authentic Cuban flick on the wrist.

On this episode of the Miami Comedy Conversation, we also look into how this culture compares to the rest of America.

Where Starbucks takes a big chunk of the caffeine industry, you still wont be able to find your footing in Miami because its a Monopoly down here when it comes to coffee!

There's already a plethora of different styles that no other brand can compete because there is no brand!

The brand is coffee itself - and the strong kind! So you know its a STRONG brand!

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Miami Coffee Shops Are Too Small To Fail
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Miami Coffee Shops Are Too Small To Fail
On today's episode of the Miami Comedy Conversation, we go over the business model for Miami Coffee Shops and how they're thriving in Miami.
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Miami Comedy
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